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Thursday, December 25th, 2008
1:28 am
Valuev vs Holyfield. Open letter to WBA. Back up the action!
How long will we stand this, keeping silence or becoming angry in a circle of acquaintance?

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007
1:24 am
Fight Predictions
(This is x-posted from my journal. Just trying to breath some life into this group. Feel free to agree, disagree with or debate any of my predictions)

Never in my life have I seen so many important fights and great matchups as are coming up in the next 3 months. Here are my predictions and analysis.

Junior Witter vs Vivian Harris -This is a tough one to call. I've always been very impressed by Harris but he seems to find a way to lose fights that really mattered. Witter is an awkward slickster but excluding Zab Judah, who he fought seven years ago and lost to, has never really been in with anybody nearly as good as Witter. Like I said its a tough one to call but I think I'm going with Harris by a close decision in this one.

Juan Manuel Marquez vs Rocky Juarez -Marquez by decision. Marquez is one of the most underrated fighters out there. He is a top ten pound for pound level guy in my book. 

Vitali Klitschko vs. Jameel McCline- Vitali was considered the best heavyweight in the world when he decided to "retire" three years ago. McClines a guy thats been in with everybody and always loses he had the chance to take it to the top level. You will be able to tell a lot about how much Vitali has left by this fight. If it turns into a tough fight for him then maybe not so much. If he destroys McCline then the other heavyweights better look the fuck out. I think Klitschko will stop in the sixth round.

Jean-Marc Mormeck vs David Haye -You have to consider Mormeck the best cruiserweight out there. He's a strong guy with a high fitness level. Haye is a guy fighting out of Britain thats been much hyped. He's strong and a big punchy but seems to have stamina problems. I think Mormeck knocks him out but if Haye happens to win this one and look good doing it then I think you have a new star in the cruiserweight division. 

Jermain Taylor vs Kelly Pavlik -If Taylor fights like he has fought in his last few fights then he is going to get knocked out. I can't believe this is the same guy that beat Bernard Hopkins twice, or actually just once because he shouldn't have gotten the decision in the first Hopkins fight. If I have to lay down a prediction I'm going to take Pavlik by ko in 9. If Taylor can regain his old form then he beats Pavlik by decision. If Pavlik knocks Taylor out then he is going to be a mega-star.

Nikolai Valuev vs. Jean-Francois Bergeron -This is Valuevs comeback fight after losing his first fight against Chaegev. Bergeron is undefeated but has been in with nobody that can really fight and the one time I have seen him he didn't really impress me. French-Canadian fighters tend to be very tough guys even if they aren't always the best fighters in the world so I think Bergeron makes it the distance or at least to the late rounds if he gets stopped. Overall an easy fight for Valuev where he gets some rounds of work in.

Clinton Woods vs Julio Gonzalez -Woods had a lot of momentum going but then had injury problems preceded by a questionable decision win against Glen Johnson. Woods by decision.
Oleg Maskaev vs Samuel Peter -I saw one of Peters earliest fights several years ago and knew that he was going to be a contender, possibly a champion. At worst you have to consider Peter one of the top three punchers in the heavyweights and as far as skills he boxed better than ever in his last fight against James Toney. Maskaev has been knocked out a few times in years past but I think people are selling him short in this one. It goes against logic but I'm going Oleg by close decision. 

Kevin McBride vs Andrew Golota -Other than when he beat Tyson I have never seen McBride look anything but awful. I think Golota wins this one easy, probably by knockout. Golota is a guy that has a lot of talent, and I could go into a Golota rant/career retrospective right now but I will spare you, but age has to catch up to him eventually. Especially with his style where he uses a lot of hand speed and athleticism but I think this is an easy fight for him.

Juan Diaz vs Julio Diaz -Juan Diaz wins this one by decisont or late round stoppage. There are three guys named Diaz who are top lightweights right now. I have to double check to remember which one is which. 

Sultan Ibragmimov vs Evander Holyfield -I'm not going to be so bold as to take Holyfield but I give him a fair chance in this one. Ibragimov impressed me a lot with how well he boxed against Shannon Briggs in his last fight but Holyfields punch output isn't going to be low like Briggs was so it isn't going to be that easy this time. I am going with Ibragimov in this one but Holyfield is a live underdog. I actually think this is a potential surprise fight of the year level of fight. I just can't picture this being anything but an exciting fight.

Joe Calzaghe vs Mikkell Kessler -Ok this is the big one for me. As I've said before I'm conflicted on this one. My ancestry is Welsh. I even have a Welsh dragon tattoo. Calzaghe is Welsh. I've supported Joe for years. Mikkel Kessler is Danish. My wife is Danish. I live in Denmark and not only that I live in the neighborhood that Mikkell was born and raised in. I really like Mikkel a lot too. The questions you have to have about this fight are for one will Kessler be able to deal with the pressure of fighting in Wales in front of tens of thousands of people and this being his first big fight atmosphere preceding the fight too? You also have to consider that both Calzaghe and Kessler are injury prone so one or both of them may go into the fight at less than 100%. I see one of two things happening in this fight. Calzaghe boxing Kesslers ears off for 12 rounds or Calzaghe winning a 12 round war. Mikkel is not a hype job and he really is that good but I just can't see him winning this one. I think Joe is a guy that rises to the occasion and he will do that in this one even if Kessler puts up a hell of a fight himself.

Miguel Cotto vs Shane Mosley -Cotto is the most overrated fighter in boxing. I think Shane will stop him or knock him out late. 

Floyd Mayweather vs Ricky Hatton -I'm not going to be so bold as to pick Hatton but I think the guy that finally beats Mayweather is going to be somebody with a style like Hatton, a pressure fighter that
throws a lot of punches. I mean at this point in time no way is anybody going to out slick, out speed, or out box Mayweather. And you never know, once somebody finally finds Mayweathers chin we may find that he doesn't have one. Look at what happened to Roy Jones. 

Roy Jones vs Felix Trinidad -Speaking of Roy Jones. Jones still has his speed. Trinidad still has his power I'm willing to bet. Neither one of them has a chin. It should be a fun fight even if they are both over the hill. I can't see Trinidad winning this one unless he really catches Jones hard on the chin. I think Roy is too big, strong and fast for Trinidad. Easy win for Roy, possibly by knockout.

P.S -More boxing related stuff.

Freddie Welsh Documentary -Great Documentary on the great Welsh fighter Freddie Welsh. Its on megaupload so you have to download it onto your pc but its well worth it. Cymru am Byth!

Gavin Rees -Wales has yet another world champion! Check out Gavin Rees winning the WBA jr. welterweight championship in his last fight on youtube.

Mike Tyson Quotes on Wikipedia -Hilarious but its missing the two that are probably his best quotes ever.
One when he was in his early 20's he was getting some sort of honory doctoral
degree from a negro college somewhere in Ohio I believe and while accepting the
award in front of the assembled crowd he said

 "I don't know what kind of doctor I am but looking at all these fine sisters here I sure hope I'm a gynecologist"

The other was when he was being interviewed during training for the Lewis fight
he went on one of his manic rambles and at one point said,

"people think of me as a hero but what will they think of their hero when they find out I like to have a woman stick their finger in my butt"

I actually think Mike would be a very good color commentater but I guess HBO
and Showtime are afraid that he will let some gems like those out during a

Glory and Misfortune: The Kronk Gym Story -Great series of articles on the Kronk Gym.

Boxers bounce back in Sweden -the Swedish government which is completely insane and seems to want to turn Sweden into some sort of demented multi-cultural version of Aldous Huxleys Brave New world banned boxing for a short time but the backlash was so great that the ban was lifted and boxing has majorly bounced back in Sweden.

P.P.S -That ridiculous Kimbo vs Ray Mercer mma cage fight was the most obvious fixed fight I have ever seen in my life!
Friday, February 9th, 2007
11:51 pm
Boxing Post

In an attempt to bring this dead ass place to life I am x-posting this from my journal. Post your predictions or critique mine!

Luis Collazo vs. Shane Mosley -I see a potential upset in this one. Collazo is a VERY underrated fighter. If Collazo was a bigger puncher I would probably pick him to win by stoppage. As it is Im picking Mosley by close and controversial decision.

Timor Ibragimov vs. Tony Thompson -Timor by decision.

Miguel Cotto vs Oktay Urkal -Cotto is one of the most overrated, overhyped fighters in boxing. Urkal is strong, durable and athletic in an awkward way. I think Urkal could make this a tough night for Cotto but not so tough that he will win. I can see Urkal being very physical with Cotto. Pushing him around, holding a lot but Ill take Cotto by a wide decision in an ugly fight.

Edison Miranda vs. Allan Green -Green is showing he has balls to take this fight but hes still going to get knocked out by Miranda.

Anthony Mundine vs Sam Soliman -I think Mundine is too strong for him but I think Soliman will go the distance. Mundine by decision.

Shannon Briggs vs Sultan Igbragimov -Briggs is far and away the most overrated heavyweight out there. The only reason he beat Sergei Lyakhovich was because SL fought tenatively, didnt put any pressure on Briggs and he ended up gassing out in the final round. Igbragimov is a pressure type fighter who throws a lot of punches and Briggs has major stamina problems. Sultan has the perfect style to beat Briggs because of this. The big key to this fight is how much is Igragimov going to get hit fighting the type of fight he needs to fight to beat Briggs and how well he takes it when Briggs does hit him. Id be surprised if this fight goes the distance. I think Briggs sucks but I think he has a chance to catch Sultan with something coming in and knock him out. My official pick though is going to be Igbragimov to stop Briggs around the tenth round due to Briggs stamina problems more than anything else. You might even see Briggs not get off the stool between rounds because he has nothing left.

Wladimir Klitschko vs. Ray Austin -Speaking of guys with stamina problems Wlad is still the best heavyweight out there now despite his flaws. Austin is a big awkward athletic guy who seems like hes pretty durable. I think this will be an easy fight for Klitschko. Id be surprised if it goes past the fourth round. 

Oneal Bell vs Jean Marc Mormeck -Im not sure if this fight will come off as scheduled because Bell was arrested for attacking one of his sparring partners with a hatchett last week but if it does and Bell is able to fight like he can Ill take him because he is the best cruiserweight fighting right now. If hes not all the way there then Mormeck will beat him because he is probably the second best cruiserweight on the world. This is the second time these two have fought and the first one was supposed to have been a great fight.

Marco Antonio Barrera vs Juan Manuel Marquez -This is a hard to pick fight. Marquez is a very overlooked fighter. Barrera is Barrera although I have to wonder how much he has left in the tank at this point. I think Im going to go with Marquez in this one.

Mikkel Kessler vs Librado Andrade -Kessler is already a pound for pound level fighter who is just starting to come into his prime. He is going to be a huge star if he can get the right fights instead of fighting the Librado Andrades of the world in Copenhagen for years on end. Kessler by mid round knockout.

Joe Calzaghe vs Peter Manfredo -If Joe is having hand trouble then he slaps Manfredo for 12 rounds and wins an easy decison. If his hands are healthy then he knocks Manfredo out.

Oscar De La Hoya vs Floyd Mayweather -This will be the biggest fight of 2007. Its too hard to pick for me at the moment so I will hold off on making a pick on this one till a later date. Ill also wait to post predictions on Valuev vs Chageuv, Margarito vs Cotto, Margarito vs Williams till a later date.

More good boxing related stuff.

Willie Pep Tribute -Right click and save as straight from the link I posted. Its an over 600 mb file but it includes his most memorable fights and biographical stuff. Its the perfect size to burn onto a cdr and keep for your fight collection. RIP Willi Pep.

Archie Moore vs Yvonne Durrelle 1 -This is a GREAT fight! Its on megaupload so its a right click and save to your computer to download.

Video biography of the late great Welsh fighter Johnny Owen -This is on youtube

A profile of the late Welsh fighter Johnny Owen on ICwales

Windy City Gyms impending closure creates crisis -Old school ghettoized boxing gyms are a dying breed. Even the legendary Kronk gym had to shut down recently. This and the amateur programs being dead or close to it in most big cities in the USA now is why its more or less over for boxing in America and Europe is taking over. 

Johnny Bos - Last of a dying breed

The side of fighters youve never seen

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006
4:44 pm
Review of the Classic Boxing DVD that I made from original 16MM Stock footage
I watched the DVD of the classic boxing matches that I transferred from among the 16 MM stock footage that my friend had inherited. These fights were absolutely amazing! The quality of the transfer was first rate, and the video and sound ar exceptional.

The DVD starts out with a pair of Mickey Walker fights from the early 1930's. This was during the period of the great Irish fighters on the East Coast, and both of his bouts are against other Irish fighters. One of them was named Lochran and the other was named Sharkey. I believe they were both champions prior to fighting Walker. These fights are black and white, and they have narration that was added in post-production. One of the cool features was the footage of Walker's training regimne for the fight, which included him dancing the "Charleston" while working the heavy bag.

The next fight was excerpts of Jack Johnson (the first Black heavyweight champion) vs. Jess Willard, who was some journeyman Good Ol' Boy from Texas. The fight was fought in Havana, Cuba in 1915, and was a scheduled 45 ROUND FIGHT!! Johnson, was a fugitive from justice at the time, and he had to defend his belt off of American soil. He allegedly was told before the fight by a couple sherrifs, that they were planning to extradite him to America, where he would be imprisoned, if he didn't throw the 24th round. After watching the fight, I can say with certainty, Johnson DID THROW THE FIGHT. He litterally didn't throw a fight for the final few rounds. This match was also narrated in post-production, and skips several of the 24 rounds, which is fine by me, since Johnson wasn't really trying to defend his belt anyhow.

After some Golden gloves footage, the next fight I had transferred was

Joe Louis-Max Shmelling 2. This was the rematch which would have been roughly 1940. This was one of those America/Nazi battles of superiority, and Louis carried the weight of a nation and his race on his shoulders. Louis stepped up in this rematch, and he BEAT THE SNOT out of Schmellling. 4 knockdowns in the first round, before the German's corner threw in the towel. They also showed the knockout in slow motion. I could litterally stare in the Brown Bomber's eyes as he stalked Schmelling for the kill. SO FREAKING COOL!! The next fight was Max Baer versus "Two-Ton" Tony Galento. Baer was the former heavyweught champion by this point, and Galento was an up and comer, with a personality that would make him a millionaire today. Galento didn't even look like a fighter. He cheated with head butts, backhands, head butts and constant clenching. The history behind this fight is that Galento had his pre-fight meal at his bar, where he washed down a huge bowl of spaghetti washed down by a HALF CASE OF BEER! While drunk, his brother smashed him in the face with a beer mug, opening a 1 1/2 inchgash in his mouth that required stitches. After watching the fight, I can say with certainty, he WAS TRASHED. Baer pummelled him, and Galento couldn't answer the bell for the 8th round. One of the cool things about this fight is that the ring mic was really loud, so I could hear all the verbal jabbing between the boxers and the referee.The post-match interview was conducted by BUD COSTELLO (form Abbott and Costello) The best part of the interview is watching a clearly flustered Costello try to maintain his cool as he loses control of the interview.

The next fight was Joe Louis versus some journeyman named Bob Pirabu. This was a schedule 20 rounder. Lois abused this dancer, knocking him down three times in the first round. Louis scored 6 knockdowns, but this fight was kind of boring, aside from the historical factor.

The next fight was former Featherweight champ against a journeyman named Lulu Perez. This 1952 match became relevent after a 1982 sports illustrated article suggested that Pep through the fight, which he lost in the first round under New York's three knockdown in one round rule. After watching the fight, I don't believe Pep threw the fight. He took an early shot to the head, and he never seemed to regain his bearings. After the 2nd knockdown, Pep was essentially out on his feet, and the third knockdown practically spinned his head 360 degrees.

The final fight was a middleweight battle between Champion Sugar Ray Robinson and Former Champion Rocky Graziano. I love the old italian boxers from the 40's and 50's and Graziano was one of those champions. The fight was great with lots of terrific exchanges, but after three rounds, Sugar Ray wore him out (He was a machine!) The knockout punch sent Grazziano's mouthpiece flying! AWESOME!

This DVD is absolutely amazing, and I look forward to checking out all of the other footage before transferring them to DVD. I defintiely have a lot to work with.

I am also going to make copies of this DVD and I will make them available for purchase, because these fights need to be seen.

These champions of old, would definitely be champions today, and Tony Galento is one f the most interesting fighters I have ever seen.

As always your questions and comments are always appreciated, and be sure to catch the latest episode of Topless Sports News with guest host, VERONIC RAYNE at

Sunday, November 5th, 2006
10:28 am
Open Letter.


Dear Shannon Briggs;

Congratulations on your last-second knock-out of Sergei Lyakhovich, who is a much nicer guy than you, being from Belarus, and all. You almost blew it, didn’t you? You’re a fourteen-year veteran with 41 KOs in 47 fights. Even at 34 years of age, you’ve perhaps got the fastest hands in the heavyweight division. Your jab is like a fucking pile driver, and you are an absolute monster of a muscled beast at 268 pounds, without an ounce of fat on you. Why didn’t you do anything for 35.75 minutes before you finally put this guy through the ropes? You’ve constantly been branded as an underachiever inside the ring by the boxing media, and I’ve always defended you until now. You have the raw talent, athleticism, and boisterous personality to be a serious force in the sport, and you’re always talking about how Brooklyn breeds the best fighters in the world. Well, Mr. Briggs, Brooklyn also appears to breed the least reliable fighters in the world, if Zab Judah, Mike Tyson, and yourself are any indications. Everyone’s making a big deal that all four heavyweight belt holders are white guys from the former Soviet Union, and now you’re the first American to get a small piece of the title – your first opportunity in eight years since the Lennox debacle. Don’t tell me that it was your promoters’ fault, man. You’ve shown not an ounce of passion in the ring. We were just not convinced that you really wanted it. And even though you’ve won tonight, I can guarantee that we’re still not. Now, forgive me if this is simply the case of your childhood asthma issues cropping up again, but come on. Get yourself into an endurance program or something. The guy who you just beat was nothing special, other than his very attractive wife and his immensely huge heart. Oh, his flabby teats were something special, too. Yet he was beating you cleanly on points when you got lucky enough to knock him onto the judge’s table in the last second of the entire fight. Yes, that’s right: at 2:59 of round 12. WTF, Shannon? Everytime you touched him, you hurt him. You’re a force, brother. Your counters are unbelievably fluid! That jab is a work of art! You could be the next linear heavyweight champion of the world if you just applied yourself! I mean, the current division is a sump in which all of the most boring and talentless fighters in the history of the sport have been dog-paddling, but you get my drift. I must say, however: as proud as I am to see you jubilant and high after this win, if you stand in front of anybody with a modicum of more talent than this guy – Klitschko, Toney, Peter, or that circus freak, Valuev – and just sit there like an armless wonder, you’re done for. So my advice to you, Shannon Briggs, if you’re good enough to take it: make this reign last for a while. Throw some goddamned punches for us. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

P.S. Please don’t kick my ass.

Current Mood: aggravated
Wednesday, September 13th, 2006
4:18 pm
New community
I was talking with my client about the use of Blogs to work on Bowe's comeback and we had an idea. I have set up the following community:


Go there and comment with your thoughts and feelings on Bowe's comeback at the beginning of November. The positive remarks will be used to help us get good TV coverage of the fight.
Tuesday, September 12th, 2006
10:59 am
Riddick Bowe
My PR agency has been retained by a local promoter to handle PR and fundraising for Riddick's first real fight out of retirement in Norfolk, VA. I thought it would be fun to poke around some LJ communities and see what the general reaction is to Riddick Bowe's comeback.

What are your thoughts on Bowe? What do you remember about him?

There have been plenty of rumors and urban myths about his ups and downs and I hope to dispell some of them.

Now's your chance to sound off and make a difference. I can tell you from experience working with Bowe that he has really grown up. He's a nice guy, a loving father, and he's still got some quick moves and that notorious right jab.
Monday, May 8th, 2006
5:42 pm
De La Hoya Article
Here is a boxing article I wrote for boxingranks.com published today...



Tom Luffman
2:14 pm
de la hoya mayorga
i have to say i am suprised that DLH scored a knockdown in round 1. Trinidad couldnt do it. and for him to win by TKO....another suprise. my GF was upset cause she felt mayorga would beat up on DLH.....she is a DLH fan ever since we met him 2 years ago. but DLH even suprised me...i thought it would go the distance with oscar winning the MD. he totally made mayorga look like the glorified club fighter that he truely is. after seeing him crumble before hopkins, i then, and still do now, feel oscar should stick to promotions. sure he was all amped up for the fight from mayorga's verbal assault............id like to see him fight trinidad again or even maybe sturm(oscar lost that fight on my scorecard). both fights spell defeat for oscar in my book. im a little pist that i spent the $$$ on the PPV cause the undercard fights all SUCKED. the next card most appealing is the hopkins-tarver fight. my main prediction is that paul malignaggi will beat miguel ( the eyebrow plucker )cotto, and i cant wait to see it. ive been waiting to see him get his ass whipped since the corley fight!!!!!

in case you didnt notice.....cotto is NOT one of my favs. plus i cant wait to watch pacquiao KO larios. for some reason....i dislike larios. also my prediction for wright-taylor........wright by MD. just because im from tampa and winky is MY hometown fighter.
Monday, March 6th, 2006
1:00 pm
Hall of Fame? C'mon!
I’m a big Jeff Lacy fan. I also think that the much-underrated Joe Calzaghe looked magnificent in completely schooling everyone’s favorite all-American prospect this past Saturday. For a skinny white guy, Calzaghe’s got incredible speed, a serious ability to throw powerful combinations, and an almost preternatural ability to eliminate threatening space between him and his opponent – he’s either at his optimum punching range for his two-fisted attack, or he’s on you, tying you up and smothering yours.

And, he’s a Celtic brawler who doesn’t know how to play it safe.

Having said this, even my favorite boxing scribes and pundits are now lauding Joe Calzaghe as pure Hall of Fame material, as if beating the young, shooting star of Jeff Lacy has somehow cemented his status as an all-time great. Come on, guys! As exciting as Lacy is, as relentless and powerful as he’s proved to be against his luke warm list of previous opponents, there has never been any doubt that the guy is the very definition of one-dimensional. When Lacy’s power proved to not be enough (seeing as he never landed a single telling blow), he had not even one iota of another answer. He’s not a boxer, he’s got no fancy moves or self-defense. He’s just not that good.

So Calzaghe still hasn’t beaten anyone of real significance – perhaps ever – to drop him into a Hall of Fame-ish category of observance. Let him beat Kessler. Let him beat Woods. Let him gain a few pounds and beat Tarver. Can you imagine a fight between Calzaghe and Glen Johnson? OMG.

Lacy will be back, simply because he’s still young and powerful. Thank the gods he was the first to admit that he needs to work on his boxing skills. He found out that in the Big Leagues, power isn’t everything. Pressure isn’t everything. A savvy, cogent boxer will beat a wild, brutal puncher just about every time.

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Saturday, February 25th, 2006
7:00 pm
Vargas Mosley
mosley by KO in 10.

anyone else with some last minute predictions?

mosley has faced much better opposition and won. when vargas steps up to the same level,...he has lost. plus i ran into vargas in the tucson airport prior to his 1st fight after his back problem........he didnt look so tough...heh. I admit mosley has lost a lot of his speed but he makes up for it in his ability to avoid trouble and his ability to adjust his gameplan in the middle of a fight.
Wednesday, February 8th, 2006
8:38 pm
Boxer ?

Just wanna know, who is currently your favorite boxer ???

In other news Sept. 16 possibly Pacquiao-Morales III.
Tuesday, February 7th, 2006
7:07 am
Friday, January 27th, 2006
5:30 pm
Wraps and Gloves
What wraps and gloves are the best / most recommended?
Where can I find cheap boxing gear online?
Sunday, January 22nd, 2006
7:33 pm
Friday, January 20th, 2006
11:08 am
So the first big fight of the year is tomorrow.

I hope Pacman can pull this one off.
Thursday, January 12th, 2006
12:03 pm
Cinderella Man
Well how about that upset eh? I'm sure a lot will be written and said about Zab's lack of focus. I am going to toss this out though, and see if anyone cares to respond:

A fight like Judah v. Baldomir for once lends credence to the mandatory challenger system. I slag on the WBC and their ilk as much as the next fan. Gross mismatches are certainly produced by these subjective ladders. BUT it does give these unknown, journeymen types a chance to give it their all on one night of their life and then be able to say I WAS THE CHAMP. And the WBC can hardly know which rough worker will be terribly out-gunned and which one will fidn himself spanking an unprepared 'super'-star champ. Only by having these mandatories can the true champions who show up for every fight be separated from the slackers that buy their own hype. The WBC & boxing come out looking especially good because Baldomir cast the other ABC-body straps aside, and appropriately the show was not PPV.

Good on Baldomir ... now go fight Gatti, De La Hoya or Maywetaher and get yourself the nice retirement check you earned Saturday night!
Sunday, December 4th, 2005
9:50 am
I blame R Kelly.

And why did Hopkins show up in that gimp mask?

What a crap fight after all the buildup.

Morales - Pacquiao better rule.
Thursday, November 17th, 2005
8:37 am
Gym questions
For those who fight in this group, how much on average do you pay for your training? I'm having problems affording gyms in this area... even when they say they'll "make me a deal" it's hard to afford. I hear of people paying $20 bucks a month and I wonder who they have to have sex with to get it. Is $20 really like the norm, because I'm being quoted right around $100 a month at the lowest.

I guess I'm just worried, being that I'm now almost 24 and haven't had a sanctioned fight yet, either pro or amateur, and I don't want it to be too late.
Wednesday, November 16th, 2005
11:00 pm
Anyone have suggestion of good books on boxing, preferably non-fiction? I need x-mas ideas for my brother.
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